Introducing Salesforce virtual table support for Power Pages (Preview)

We are thrilled to announce the new Salesforce virtual table data provider for Microsoft Power Pages!

Virtual tables integrate data from external sources by seamlessly representing the data as tables in the Microsoft Dataverse, without replicating the data. Earlier we released virtual table data providers for SQL Server and SharePoint, and now we are adding support for Salesforce.

With the Salesforce virtual table data provider you can surface data of Salesforce objects on the Power Pages website in a controlled and secure manner. CRUD operations are supported on standard and customized objects. Limitations and restrictions of the Salesforce connector (link below) apply to the virtual table data provider as well, and objects with specialized business logic on the Salesforce-side might not work properly.

Salesforce virtual table data provider enables common scenarios like web to lead and self-service support case management, where data is presented and/or gathered on the Power Pages website to be managed on the Salesforce. All of the Power Pages features such as forms, lists and table permissions can be used seamlessly with Salesforce virtual tables. In fact, Salesforce virtual tables work across all the products in the Power Platform family, wherever virtual tables are supported.

Salesforce virtual table

The new Salesforce virtual table data provider has started rolling out across regions and will be available in public preview in all regions by early May.

For more information on virtual tables, visit  and

For more information on Salesforce connector, please see