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Power Pages Pro-developer experience enhancement update

As we progress through 2024, we have been rolling out a host of new Pro-developer features and improvements designed to elevate your development experience. From code understanding with Pro-developer Copilot’s Explain Code feature, tools for site migrating to enhanced data models, and improved collaboration with Copresence support in Visual Studio Code for the Web, there’s a lot to explore. Here’s a detailed look at the key updates we’ve released.

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Introducing Copresence in Power Pages Visual Studio Code for the Web

As a Pro-developer, you know that collaboration is key to building successful solutions. Whether you’re working on a small project or a large-scale application, having visibility into who’s working alongside you can enhance productivity and streamline communication. That’s where Copresence comes in! We previously introduced copresence in Power Pages design studio, and now we are enabling this feature in Power Pages Visual Studio Code on the web.

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Power Pages Maker Copilot is now generally available

Power Pages Maker Copilot is now generally available. Power Pages Maker Copilot enables you to design and build a complete site composed of sitemap, home page, pages, sections, forms, images and text with natural language instructions. The Maker Copilot is also available in all geos except Canada.

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