Introducing Copresence in Power Pages Visual Studio Code for the Web

As a Pro-developer, you know that collaboration is key to building successful solutions. Whether you’re working on a small project or a large-scale application, having visibility into who’s working alongside you can enhance productivity and streamline communication. That’s where Copresence comes in! We previously introduced copresence in Power Pages design studio, and now we are enabling this feature in Power Pages Visual Studio Code on the web.

As a developer who frequently juggles multiple projects, you know the importance of avoiding accidental edits and ensuring everyone’s on the same page. Copresence tackles these challenges head-on, providing real-time insights into who else is working on your Power Pages site within the familiar Visual Studio Code for the Web.

See Who’s Working and Where

Copresence offers several benefits that streamline teamwork and communication:

VSCode for the web Copresence features

  1. People on the site: Instantly see icons and names of other users currently active in the Visual Studio Code for the Web or Design Studio. This helps you understand who might be making changes alongside you, avoiding potential conflicts or duplicated efforts.
  2. Easy Communication: Directly contact collaborators through Email or Microsoft Teams, right from within the Power Pages Visual Studio Code for the Web. No need to search for contact information.
  3. Page-Level Tracking: The page toolbar user icon will display user panel with teammates that are actively working on selected page, providing further insight into the current workflow.

Effortless Collaboration, Enabled by Default

Copresence is automatically enabled for all Power Platform environments, so you can start collaborating immediately without any additional setup.

When another maker joins your site in the Visual Studio Code for the Web or Design Studio open, their icon will appear in two key locations, People on this site and Page-Level user panel so you can easily see who’s working alongside you at a glance.

As users navigate through the site, their status updates in top users icons user panel, reflecting their current page location and it seamlessly works along side with Power Pages Sudio.

You’ll even see your own icon if you have multiple instances of the Visual Studio Code for the Web or Design Studio open, ensuring you’re always aware of your own activity.

Copresence seamlessly works along side with Power Pages Sudio

We are looking forward to your feedback

With copresence, Power Pages VS Code for the web empowers teams to work together seamlessly, fostering better communication and a more efficient design process. Your feedback is crucial in shaping the future of this feature. We want to hear from you!

See documentation here for a detailed overview.


Thank you,

Neeraj Nandwana