Introducing Power Pages Site Copilot integration with Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The site copilot for Power Pages websites provides quick and efficient assistance to website visitors and users. The copilot is equipped with generative answers for natural language processing to address questions and provide solutions in a conversational manner. With just a few clicks, the makers can seamlessly integrate Site Copilot (which is a Microsoft Copilot Studio copilot) on a Power Pages website.

Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables enterprises to connect and engage with their customers instantly through live chat. This omnichannel approach ensures that businesses are accessible across multiple touchpoints, allowing for seamless communication and interaction.

Integrated with Omnichannel for Customer Service, Power Pages site copilot provides site users with the ability to get generative answers and escalate interactions to live agents when the copilot cannot adequately address their queries or when a personalized response is necessary. This ensures that every customer query receives detailed attention, regardless of its complexity. By seamlessly transitioning from automated support to live assistance, businesses can resolve customer issues faster, foster deeper connections with their customers and deliver enhanced support experience.

To learn about connecting Power Pages site copilot with Dynamics 365 Customer Service Omnichannel, visit Configure Omnichannel with Power Pages site copilot.

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