What’s new in Power Pages Set up workspace?

The Set up workspace in Power Pages Design Studio has new features and functionalities!

  • View and edit site details
  • Access a checklist to help you prepare for go live
  • Control site visibility
  • Configure Progressive Web Applications (PWA) for your site

To access the Set up workspace, go to Power Pages (make.powerpages.microsoft.com) and open the design studio by creating or editing a site.

Site Details

Power Pages Site Details allows you to view website details in one place, including site name, owner, URL, and other important details. You can also convert your trial site to production, copy your application ID, and enable your site for early upgrade.

For more admin actions, simply click ‘Open Admin Center’ to access the all-new Admin Center.

For more details, see documentation

Site Details

Go-Live checklist

The checklist items contain recommended actions along with guided experiences on completing them, such as using Site Checker to identify errors and ensuring you have allocated appropriate capacity based on projected traffic for the site. 

The checklist also includes items that improve overall site performance and security, like enabling CDN and WAF.

For more details, see documentation

Go-live checklist

Site visibility

The Power Pages Site Visibility function enables you to manage who can access the website. Authorized makers can make the site private to restrict access only to specific people in organization, or public so that anyone with the link can access.

All new sites created in Power Pages and Power Apps Portals are Private by default. When a website is ready to go live, the site visibility can be changed to Public.

For more details, see documentation

Site Visibility

Progressive Web Application 

The Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology allows you to turn your Power Pages website into an app that works on all platforms (Android/iOS/Windows) and form factors (mobile/desktop/tablet). Convert your website into an app with the look and feel of a native app from design studio in just a single click!

With PWA, your website users can pin the site as an app on the home screen of their device or install it from the app store. With this capability, you can:

With PWA, your site users can pin the site as an app on the home screen of their mobile or simply install it from the app store. This allows you to:

  • Create a low code/no code branded app from Power Pages design studio
  • Manage the offline experience of your app
  • Distribute your app via browser or app stores

For more details, see the documentation

Progressive web application